Food Geek Friday: Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream”

Now that’s it’s officially summer, ice cream is in my regular rotation. But with the Blue Bell draught still in effect – le sigh – it was time to take things into my own hands.

But I don’t have an ice cream maker.

Again, le sigh.

But I do have a food processor and an excess of frozen bananas for my morning smoothies.

Enter faux ice cream.

Not the real thing but just as delicious.

What I love about the banana-based ice cream is that:

  1. It’s really quick and easy.
  2. It’s infinitely variable depending on mood.
  3. It has the texture of soft serve which I LOVED as a kid. (and still do now)

So freeze up some bananas and then you to can have a super-quick-and-easy ice cream, no maker needed*.

*although you will want a food processor

Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream”

IngredientsChocolate Banana Ice Cream - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

  • Bananas, frozen
  • Cocoa powder
  • milk of choice (if necessary)


  1. Pre-prep – Freeze bananas. I usually peel the banana, break it in half and then layer them in a freezer container. Technically you should lay them flat on a cookie sheet so they freeze separately, then put them in container of choice. I don’t do that and other than the odd stuck banana haven’t had a problem with it.
  2. Put frozen bananas and cocoa powder in food processor. Run until it’s all incorporated and smooth. You’ll often get a crumbly stage before it smooths out. Every so often stop it, push down the sides, and then run again. You’ll get there. If not, add milk teeny bit by teeny bit to help it along.  You can also add a little sweetener if you like but I find the banana to be plenty sweet enough.


  • Plain banana
  • Cocoa powder is my go-to. Cocoa powder and peanut butter is my second go-to.
  • Frozen blueberries and powdered ginger
  • Cocoa powder and cinnamon
  • The options are pretty much limitless with this as your base. What are your favorite smoothie combos? They’ll probably work really well here too.


In the News: July 2015

Where we’ve been in July:

Clear Clutter and Organize Fabulously

How to Clear Clutter & Organize Fabulously – – My new coaching plan leading you step by step through the de-cluttering and organizing process was featured on their blog and in their newsletter.

Hey Red! What do I do with this box of random, outdated tech?

Hey Red! What do I do with this box of random, outdated tech? - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous blog

Hey Red!
So I’m doing a little clean out of my home office which double as a storage room for our house. I came across a box of old, outdated tech. It includes old cell phones, miscellaneous power chords and connector chords, a non-functioning camera, and even a TV antenna. My question is this: what should I do with this stuff? I feel weird about trashing it, but I’m not sure donating it is right either because the stuff is so random. Thoughts? 
Caught in Cord Chaos 

Dear Caught,

Well we can’t set all of the tech on fire. That would stink. Literally.

Seriously. Have you smelled burning plastic? Not much better than burning hair…which I accidentally set my hair on fire during a bartending gig in 1995.

Long story.


Make sure that all of your personal info is cleared out from the items and then you have a few options.

  • Many non-profits will gladly take old tech.
  • Look at your local women’s shelter as they often take old phones and refurbish them to give to their clients.
  • Check with one of your local theaters. They never know what they’ll need for props and you’re contributing to entertainment!
  • Also Google your area tech recycling. My local zoo accepts electronics for recycling. Yours may as well. Goodwill partnered with Dell a while back and some locations accept electronics for recycling. More information on their Reconnect program is here.

Anything left after those trying those avenues go ahead and trash – guilt free!! – because there’s no point in it taking up valuable space in your office or head.

Never feel bad about donating random things. Just as “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – one person’s random could be the recipient’s exact wish.

Enjoy the fresh space and absence of random tech!

 Have a burning question of your own? Email it to to be answered in a future post.

Makeover: Becoming the Happy Room

This is part of a whole home overhaul I worked on. This room originally belonged to my client’s mother, who lived with my client until she passed away. My client was ready to deal with her mother’s things and reclaim the space. She decided she wanted to turn this space into her “happy room” – a place filled with bright colors, sparkles and everything that makes her happy. I, of course, fully supported this goal.

Sparkles are fabulous, Sunshine.

Dealing with the things left behind by a loved one is a challenge in and of itself. If that person lived with you, an important step in the grief process is to reclaim that space for your own to help bring closure. It’s OK to let the room turn into a free-for-all for a little bit, but make sure that you get in there and clean it out before it gets too far gone and ends up making you feel stuck.

My client was ready to take on the room and I was excited to help.


Makeover: Becoming the Happy Room - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

Makeover: Becoming the Happy Room - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

We did what I always do in rooms that you can’t move in. We started at the door and worked our way through. After clearing the floor, we then cleared off the bed. Then we worked through the dresser (unseen), desk, and other storage spaces. We took one item or bin at a time and my client decided if the item would stay or go. The vast majority of things were donated. Remaining items were categorized like with like in piles down the hallway. When it was complete, we brought the piles back in and started doing a touch of placement. We didn’t do full organizational systems yet because for the time-being this room became the staging area for sell items. After everything was sold, my client would then do the remaining work to turn this into her happy room. So when I finished up with the room it looked like this:

Makeover: Becoming the Happy Room - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous BlogAs you can see, neat and tidy – but not happy.


That came later.

My client got everything sold off. Bought new bedding and some odds and ends here and there. Four months later I get a message asking if I want to come for lunch and to see the new Happy Room.

Hell yeah I do!!!


Makeover: Becoming the Happy Room - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

Makeover: Becoming the Happy Room - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

There’s no way you can go in this room and not be happy. It had such lovely, vibrant energy when I walked in. SO much fun and happy in here now.

My total hands on time in this room was about 12 hours. My client’s time was obviously significantly greater and time will spent.

Makeover: Becoming the Happy Room - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

Have your own room you need to make happy? Having a hard time facing something you know you need to face and are ready to do it? Buy “Fabulous Foothold to Organization” or contact me today.

Food Geek Friday: Heat-free Dessert Round-up

Oh-so-thankfully, summer got late on the way to the party this year. We’ve only just started to graze 100. This makes me happy.

Although I should tone it down lest I anger the summer gods and it is over 100 until November.

So hushing now.

No matter what the temp, in the summer I like to take it easy with my desserts. Here are 5 of my favorites that take little effort and use no heat at all.


Heat-free Dessert Round-up

Nectarine and spiced rum popsicle - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous blogNectarine and Spiced Rum Popsicle

For those who enjoy a fresh cocktail in frozen form. 

Coffee Granita with Kahlua Whipped CreamCoffee Granita with Kahlua Whipped Cream - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

After-dinner coffee is much more refreshing when it’s frozen.

Raw Chocolate Pudding - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous BlogRaw Chocolate Pudding

Because chocolate pudding is ALWAYS a good idea.

Blackberry Bourbon No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes

I’ve recently been making this with fresh blueberries from farmers market. This recipe welcomes various adaptations.

Boozy Whipped Cream

To be topped on pretty much anything. A fantastic summer combo is to use sweet tea vodka in the whipped cream and then top it on peaches. (Grill the peaches if you’re already grilling things up anyway.)

What’s your favorite summer dessert?